Bad Ass Tattoo Club

Bad Ass Tattoo Club! 

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The best custom tattoos anywhere around, dont settle for tracers, get what you want, every time. 







Badass Tattoo Club

Why the Badass Tattoo Club for a name? Is this a lady so conceited to think she deserves such a name? Well, I prefer to call it confidence in a job well done. Actually the club name is not about me at all- its about the members. There wouldn't be a club without them. And this website was designed solely to show my appreciation of them and to show the world you can't always judge a badass by their cover. These are just regular hard working people who have the need to be stronger than thier own pain. Having that inner strength helps with day to day living- You are stonger than your pain, your fear, your problems- you work things out.

Here are just a few stories about the people we started the Bad Ass Club for and we are continuing to create more and more stories that will help the website grow.

Please loyal club members feel free to add your stories, pictures, videos, and comments in the testimonials section.


  • "I received my first tat from Darc in October (almost 3 years ago) on my left shoulder. Last week she added on to this tat for me. Over spring break this year she did an amazing ..."
  • "I thank God for giving me skin..........i thank darc for filling it in!"
    NO small tatts for me!